We are all in the making. Our team jumped from stable career paths to pursue this common purpose and build a company that is revolutionizing the way men shop. From our humble beginnings in a living room, to a private studio, to an innovative digital storefront, MADE has bootstrapped its way to success.


We combined our knowledge and resources to master tailoring, manufacturing, styling, and customer service. We wanted to forge our own path, so wherever the answers or resources weren’t available, we created them. We learned how to measure the perfect suit, to source the best fabrics, to design the best retail space. Most importantly, over hundreds of client consultations, in a variety of environments, we have curated the perfect experience.


Our mission is to enrich the lives of our customers by delivering stylish, well-fitted, and quality tailored garments to successful professional men through a personalised exceptional experience. We are here to make shopping easy and fun, and to become the best option to build, maintain, and style professional wardrobes.