As a MADE Customer, you have our commitment to deliver your garments with the best possible fit, quality and experience.

By submitting an order and making a purchase at MADE (remotely or in person) you agree to our terms and conditions listed below.

We're here to help.


All Purchases are FINAL SALE. NO REFUNDS.


When you pay for an order, you are explicitly confirming the details as presented. No changes can be made after payment, as fabrics have been cut.


To meet service timelines, we have to get production started fast. Think you made a mistake? Contact us ASAP to explore options!


Average turnaround time is 3-5 weeks from time of purchase.


We strive for the best results, however, perfection is a pursuit, not a guaranteed result. You have our 100% support to help get you as close as possible. We’ve made thousands of shirts for men across Toronto, that fit great at a reasonable price. We have exceptional 5-star customer reviews for a reason. However, if you are seeking absolute perfection, we may not be the right fit for you. (pardon the pun).


If you want clarification or advice contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

For more details, please review the topics below.



Terms of Sale 

All purchases are FINAL SALE. Please note that we do not offer refunds as fabric is cut based on your measurements and your customizations promptly after purchase. However with our Fit Guarantee we provide assurance that we will take care of any reasonable adjustment required to make your garment fit as intended and confirmed during your initial consultation. This does not apply to garments that have been altered or adjusted in any way by anyone other than MADE.


Full Payment Required. All custom orders require full payment to start production. MADE accepts Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. MADE takes many active steps to ensure the absolute safety of your credit card and personal information, processing all credit card transactions via fully secured and reputable third party payment processor. Card information is not stored at MADE and remains the private property of the cardholder at all times.


Batch & Hold

MADE reserves the right to split the order rushing production on the first shirt, deliver it to you at no additional charge, and confirm we have the fit perfected, before making the rest. Turnaround time can often be achieved, but this ensures we make you the best possible shirts, and minimize wasted time.


New Customers For customers with more complex fit requirements and/or who are placing a large order ( >3 shirts).

Existing Customers For customers who’ve body shapes have changed significantly from previous fit profile and/or who are placing a large order (>3 shirts).

Acceptance of the Goods

To ensure that you are leaving with exactly what we confirmed with you during your first consult, once all your fittings are complete we will confirm your order and alterations with you one last time. By taking home garments you have purchased, you are implicitly agreeing to the fit of the garments at that time, and the activation of your fit guarantee period (if it has not already started).

Abandoned Garments & Orders

All MADE products are tailored to your exact measurements; however they may occasionally require final adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. In this case, the need for final adjustments will be assessed during your First Fitting, and your MADE stylist and fit specialist will aim to have the garment ready within 5-7 business days.

For shipped garments, please notify us of any fit issues within the 21 day period. Refer to Fit Guarantee for more details.



All MADE products are tailored to your exact measurements; however they may occasionally require final adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. In this case, the need for final adjustments will be assessed during your First Fitting, and your MADE stylist and fit specialist will aim to have the garment ready within 5-7 business days.

For shipped garments, please notify us of any fit issues within the 21 day period. Refer to Fit Guarantee for more details.

Fabric Availability

MADE cannot guarantee availability of fabrics and therefore any valid issues are best brought to our attention as soon as possible, by contacting us.

Since MADE cannot guarantee that fabrics used in your order will always be in stock, in the event of an issue that requires more fabric, whether covered by MADE or yourself, an alternative fabric may need to be chosen from our collection.

Return & Exchange Policy

MADE is committed to our customer's satisfaction with respect to the garment's quality and fit, as well as your overall experience. → If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, please contact our support team ASAP so we can make it right.

Non-Custom Garments Any other products, (basically everything besides shirts) are also final sale. Must be unworn, unwashed and unaltered in order to be returned for a refund or store credit. No returns or exchanges.

Custom Garments Since garments are tailored to a customer's specific fit, all sales are final and we cannot offer refunds or returns. While MADE does not offer refunds or returns, We do offer a 100% Fit & Quality Guarantee and in support of your satisfaction, we do commit to getting you a shirt that fits to your improved liking (exchange), store credit, or other agreed upon option. Please refer to Complimentary Alterations & Remakes section for details.


Any accidental charges or other reimbursements can only be issued to the original payment method.

Processing time for refunds, store credit, and exchanges is 3-7 business days.


Custom clothing can be tricky, and getting everything perfect on your first try doesn’t always happen. Don’t worry though, we’re committed to doing what we can to help you get the perfect fit. If you don’t 100% love how your shirt or tailored clothing fits, we’re more than happy to provide a complimentary alteration or remake. We excel at making alterations and remakes quick and hassle-free.

    • In order to request an alteration or remake, you must return your original garment to MADE. We strongly recommend meeting in person, to be able to properly diagnose the issue, and reserve the right to delay remakes until the proper measurements can be obtained and confirmed.
    • Alteration and remake requests must be initiated within 21 days of when you receive your order.
    • After a remake or alteration request has been submitted please expect around 3-5 weeks for an updated shirt to be delivered
    • Each customer is entitled to up to one (1) complimentary remake for custom shirts.
    • If your body changes significantly after receiving your garment, we’re more than happy to help update your saved size. However, beyond your complimentary remake, MADE is not responsible for remaking shirts and tailored clothing to fit your changing body size or preferences.
    • What if I have worn the shirt or laundered it? We’re happy to accept remakes/exchanges of shirts and casual pants that have been laundered once or twice. We often encourage customers to launder their shirt so that they can better evaluate the fit after shrinkage. However, shirts and casual pants that have been laundered more than twice or that show signs of repeated use will not be accepted for remakes/exchanges.
  • Quality issues we are very reasonable when it comes to issues of quality. Outside of normal wear and tear from Standard Use, we may consider your garment for remake. Each case is reviewed individually.
  • Exchanges and remake shirts are all subject to stock and fabric availability. If a fabric is no longer in stock, an alternative of equal or lesser value may be selected.
  • Our Fit & Quality Guarantee is not a warranty. Shirts or products with extensive wear may not be accepted as returns. Clients whose measurements have changed substantially from original measure, are not eligible for exchanges or Fit Guarantee. We encourage you to get remeasured if you think you may have changed body.
  • Customers deemed to be abusing our return policy may be restricted from making additional purchases.
  • MADE reserves the right to refuse to do business with any customer for any reason.


Exceptionally Fast Turnaround

Great tailoring takes time. That said, MADE prides itself in one of the fastest custom garment turnaround times in Toronto. MADE aims to have custom garments tailored and ready for your first fitting in 4-6 weeks, while non-custom items are available on demand, depending on inventory and your preferred method of delivery. If multiple custom garments are ordered MADE may wait for the full order to arrive before starting any fittings.

MADE does not guarantee the delivery timeline of any garment due to the potential for issues that may arise beyond our control such as, but not limited to, fabric availability, natural disasters, or a delay by a third party courier.

In the event that your chosen fabric(s) become permanently unavailable, MADE will find suitable replacement fabrics (based on colour, pattern, and price) and contact you for your approval and confirmation.

Rush Orders

Due to the impacts of the pandemic, MADE does not offer rush orders at this time. We offer a turnaround of approx. 4-6 weeks from the time your order is placed. While we cannot guarantee timelines, we care about making sure you look good and avoid customer orders which we aren’t confident we can meet the timeline.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping timelines for orders within Canada are 2-5 business days. We ship using Canada Post. This is in addition to production time for the custom shirt (typically 3-5 weeks), and we will let you know once your shirts are proceeding to shipment. Shipping has the following fee structure

  • $15.00 for under 5 shirts
  • Free Shipping on shirt bundles of >5 shirts


Within the GTA, especially downtown core, we may opt to deliver the goods via courier, in which case we will advise you prior.


Your products will be delivered through high-end courier services. After your order is dispatched, you will receive an automated email with a track & trace number so you can easily track your package.


Fit Guarantee

At MADE we offer a fit guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied with the fit of your garment(s). This covers issues with the garment fit that go against the intended fit of the garment, as agreed upon in your first consultation. This does not include change in customer preferences or size after the initial confirmed order.


The MADE Fit Guarantee lasts for 21 days, starting from the day you take home each of your custom garment(s) or have them delivered to you, OR thirty (30) days from the date you were contacted to book your first fitting. This is to prevent any unreasonable delays of fitting the garment, which can adversely impact the fit we intended when measuring. Garments which have a fitting beyond thirty (30) days of the contact date may be limited in term of alterations possible to improve fit and resolve issues which are beyond MADE’s control.

Body Changes

MADE cannot guarantee any fit issue(s) that arise due to fluctuations in customer physique once measurements are confirmed. If your garment does not fit as intended and confirmed, we will do our best to fix the issue, as this is our commitment to you. Once you take home your items if you have any issue contact your stylist right away to ensure that we can find the best solution.

Online Purchases for Existing Customers

Using your existing fit profile to purchase more dress shirts allows for convenience of home shopping, saves you time and money! To get the best of this approach, we recommend ordering shirts within 12 months or less of your last measurement by a MADE fit specialist.

Alterations and Fit Guarantee does not apply to shirts ordered from existing profiles, since we have a confirmed fit profile, and by purchasing, you are confirming that this fit profile still applies.

How do I know if my measurements are the same? Everyone's preferences are unique. If you’re most recent MADE shirts fit well, even after being laundered over the last 12 months (or less), than you can confirm that you are ok to keep the measurements exactly the same. If you want to make minor changes, that is ok also, just contact us to setup a quick virtual call to assess the measurements.

If I want to change my fit slightly, what do I do? Please contact us to setup a quick virtual call to assess the measurements. Since you likely aren’t much taller, the changes are likely to be minor,and can be done remotely. You tell us what you want improved, and we make the adjustments.

Quality Guarantee

At MADE, we take pride in our craft and we are committed to the quality of our garments and our customer’s use and satisfaction with them. If some part of the garment fails due to workmanship, we want to be the first to know and will take care of this for you immediately. We cannot guarantee the workmanship of third-party tailors. Garments that have been altered by a non-MADE tailor are no longer eligible for this commitment. Simply contact us. 

Standard Use

MADE’s Fit and Quality Guarantee only covers standard wear such as work or special events. Excessive wear or use that results in damage to the garment will not be MADE’s responsibility. We will try and help as best as possible, however you will be responsible for repair and/or replacement costs.