How long does it take to have custom shirts made?

MADE offers a turnaround of 3-5 weeks from the time your order is placed. We cannot guarantee exact timelines, however our aim is to exceed your expectations.

In a rush? Please contact us about rush options.

Do I have to get measured in-person first?

Currently, to get the exceptional fit MADE is known for, you need to be measured by our stylists. However, we are working on a virtual option for this that meets our high standards to ensure results. 

*During COVID-19, we have safe methods of capturing customer measurements through a try-on garment method, that can be done at home (virtual call) or in person at a safe distance, when conditions permit.

I have a perfectly fitted shirt. Can you copy it?

Put simply - Yes. We can match the fit to be as close to the copy as possible, and if there are concerns we would let you know in advance. Just remember that FIT and STYLE are different requests. The style options we have are set (Cuff, Collar, Fabrics, etc). If it’s not in our options, we do not offer it at this time.

Do you offer custom shirts for women/female body types?

It depends. MADE specializes in custom shirts for men (male body type). Our tailors and style team have trained to be able to fit male body types and customers, and our patterns are designed for that shape. Provided someone wants a shirt designed and cut for a male pattern, we can make it. However, we cannot guarantee fit or results, for instances outside of our core intention. Please contact us for more details!

I bought multiple shirts on my first order, yet I only received one. How do I get the others?

We likely took a Batch & Hold approach to your order, where we send one shirt to test out the fit while the others remain on hold. Assuming the fit of the first shirt is perfect, you can have the remainder of the order placed into production by confirming you have a fit profile/ shirt that satisfies your preferences. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any other questions.

Do you offer shirts with a different collar or cuff style?

As a made-to-measure shirtmaker, we offer a wide variety of style features. MADE shirts can be styled with any of our available styles of collar, cuff, button placket, and contrast fabric.

On the product page, just click the ‘Design My Own’ button under 'Designing Your Custom Shirt' to edit the design however you wish!

Do you have other customizations besides what I see online?

All of our customizations are on our site. We curated the best options to go with our approach to style, and what we think will make you look good. Our customers love the simplified curated styling process and streamlined choice, and we hope you do too!

Do you have other fabrics?

We are in the process of launching our site, and are gradually rolling out new fabrics to add to our collection. So far, we’ve gone with our best selling options. If there is something you would like that you don’t see, please contact us with a picture.

How do I request an alteration or remake?

If we didn’t nail the fit the first time, we will gladly remake your first shirt for you, accounting for any size/style/fabric changes you see fit.

If you’re unsure of what exactly needs to be changed, reach out to our customer service team. We’ll get you taken care of from there.

Is it possible to see the fabrics up close?

Yes. We will bring our entire selection of fabric samples to your in person consultation.

Where are your shirts tailored?

Our shirts are cut and sewn with our production team in Thailand with fabrics sourced from all over the world ( Portugal, Italy, China, etc).

All alterations are performed in Toronto, Canada. Our design team, business operations, and customer support are based in Toronto.


I received my shirts but have an issue - what should I do?

Not to worry - there are several ways our styling team can help you.

  • Work with our team to determine what changes need to be made, and have MADE alter the garment for you.
  • Return the garment(s) to MADE and work with a stylist to refine your fit for a replacement garment.

Please contact us using the web form, and someone will reach out promptly with the next steps.

How long can I wait between updating my fit profile?

Ideally, you shouldn’t go much longer than a 12-18 months without an update to your fit profile. This can be done through Virtual or In-Person means.


How do I track an existing order?

Once we have received your order and processed it, we will send a confirmation. Once your order has shipped (typically 3-5 weeks on custom made orders), we will send you a tracking number and link to your email. Tracking numbers may take 24 hours to go live once the package has shipped from our facility.

Online orders can also be tracked using the Shop App. 'Shop' is a free app available on iOS or Android that allows users to receive real-time delivery updates from cart to home in one place.

What are your shipping timelines?

Shipping timelines for orders within Canada are 2-5 business days. We ship using Canada Post. This is in addition to production time for the custom shirt (typically 3-5 weeks), and we will let you know once your shirts are proceeding to shipment. Shipping has the following fee structure

  • $15 for 1-3 shirts
  • $20 for 3-5 Shirts
  • $25 for 5-10 Shirts


Within the GTA, especially downtown core, we may opt to deliver the goods via courier, in which case we will advise you prior.


Your products will be delivered through high-end courier services. After your order is dispatched, you will receive an automated email with a track & trace number so you can easily track your package.

Do you do rush orders?

While some timelines are tougher than others, MADE has never missed a customer event or wedding. While we cannot guarantee timelines, we care about making sure you look good and avoid customer orders which we aren’t confident we can meet the timeline.

All timelines must be brought to MADE’s attention prior to payment. Once an order has started, timeline changes are rarely possible and can result in additional charges. Having a rush order also requires your commitment to be available and flexible for your fittings. If you miss, cancel, or cannot make a fitting within the timeline discussed with MADE, we are not responsible for delays to your timeline.

If you wish to request a rush order


Does MADE Clothing sell gift cards?

We do! You have the option to choose an e-gift card (by email) or a nicely-packaged gift card by post. Gift cards have no expiration date. Please note that they are not redeemable for cash. Visit our Gift Cards page to purchase physical or digital certificates online.

What amount should I put for a gift card?

This is entirely up to you. We have clarified the amounts you would need to purchase a single or multiple shirts for your recipient, or you can leave a set amount,and let them figure out the details. Feel free to contact our styling team for more guidance.

MADE Custom Dress Shirt: $195 + tax

3 Custom Shirts Bundle: $525 + tax (Save $20 per shirt)

How do I purchase a MADE gift card?

Our gift cards can be purchased on our Gift Card Page. Here you can either


  1. Purchase a Gift Card directly by selecting “BUY IT NOW” or “ADD TO CART”.
  2. Send a Gift Card to someone else by select “SEND AS GIFT”


How do I send a MADE gift card to someone else?

After selecting ‘SEND AS GIFT’, you will be presented with 3 options. You can:

  1. Send as an email. We'll directly email the recipient a link to open your greeting card and redeem your gift. You can also select the date that you want the card to be sent by selecting the calendar icon
  2. Send as Instant Message (IM). You'll get a gift link to send to your recipient using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or any other messaging app. With the link, the recipient can open your greeting card and redeem the gift.
  3. Print your gift card from your own computer. The card will include instructions for the recipient on how to open and redeem your gift online.

If you chose to send your card by email, you will receive a notification when your card has been opened by the recipient

How do I redeem a gift card?

Once you have opened or printed your gift card, you will be presented with the Current Balance and the Gift Card Code. To use your gift card, go to the checkout page with the items you wish to buy, and simply enter the code into the ‘Gift card or discount code’ field and hit ‘Apply’. You will then see the value of your gift card deducted from the order price in the checkout menu.

Where do I check my balance?

Your balance can always been checked using the link you received your gift card with. If you can’t find your link, or are having trouble viewing your balance, contact us here and a MADE team member will be happy to assist you.

Do gift cards expire?

Our Gift Cards do not have an expiration date.

Do you you still make suits or blazers?

If you are an existing MADE client who has purchased blazers or suits from us, yes! We aren’t accepting any new suit or blazer customers at this time. Existing MADE Customers, can contact us for next steps.


Do you have a referral program? How does the Referral Program work?

Our program is simple. You give, you get! For each customer you refer who purchases one or more custom shirts with MADE, you get a credit for a complimentary (FREE!) custom shirt from MADE. If you don’t need a shirt right away, or don’t claim the offer, it will be saved in the form of a credit, for 1 year.

Can I refer myself?

Unfortunately, no. Thats not how it works.

I want to refer a lot of customers. Is there a special program for high volume referrals?

Yes. Please contact us for details about our MADE Ambassador Program.

What is your policy for discounts on group orders? Can we get a discount if we have a group who wants shirts?

MADE, in its sole discretion, may offer a discount or promotion to wedding parties or groups that meet certain requirements established by MADE. In order to qualify for such discount or promotion, all members of the group shall meet the criteria and comply with the conditions set forth by MADE, including the payment and confirmation of the orders with the advance timeline requested by the MADE team.

MADE reserves the right to cancel or rescind any discount or promotion granted to wedding parties or groups if it determines in its sole discretion that a participating customer has violated these Terms or the conditions for such promotion.