Thanks for your interest in MADE Clothing. After the events of 2020, we streamlined our business model and focused on a new direction - offering a premium selection of our popular custom shirts, through a convenient online platform.
We are proud to continue offering Toronto some the best Custom Dress Shirts and Casual Shirts you can buy, with an improved and enhanced client experience.
With this in mind, please note that we DO NOT offer:
  • Suits or Tuxedos
  • Blazers/Sport Coats
  • Accessories
  • Alterations*
If you are interested in Custom Shirts and the new direction we are taking, please reach out to us using the contact form below.
While we are only accepting current MADE Customers who have a Measurement Profile at this time, as things open up, we are excited to accept new customers the same awesome experience. 
*If you need alterations, we recommend you contact Silk Tailor Toronto, who offers quality work and fair pricing.




How long does it take to have custom shirts made? (Timelines & Delivery)

MADE offers a turnaround of 4-6 weeks from the time your order is placed. We cannot guarantee exact timelines, however our aim is to exceed your expectations.

Do I have to get measured in-person first? 

Currently, to get the exceptional fit MADE is known for, you need to be measured by our stylists. However, we are working on a virtual option for this that meets our high standards to ensure results. 

*During COVID-19, we have safe methods of capturing customer measurements through a try-on garment method, that can be done at home (virtual call) or in person at a safe distance, when conditions permit.

I have a perfectly fitted shirt. Can you copy it?

Put simply - Yes. We can match the fit to be as close to the copy as possible, and if there are concerns we would let you know in advance. Just remember that FIT and STYLE are different requests. The style options we have are set (Cuff, Collar, Fabrics, etc). If it’s not in our options, we do not offer it at this time.

Do you offer custom shirts for women/ female body types? 

It depends. MADE specializes in custom shirts for men (male body type). Our tailors and style team have trained to be able to fit male body types and customers, and our patterns are designed for that shape. Provided someone wants a shirt designed and cut for a male pattern, we can make it. However, we cannot guarantee fit or results, for instances outside of our core intention. Please contact us for more details!

I received my shirts but have an issue - what should I do? 

Not to worry - our styling team can help you ASAP. Please contact us using the form, and someone will reach out promptly with the next steps.

How long can I wait between updating my fit profile? 

Ideally, you shouldn’t go much longer than a 12-18 months without an update to your fit profile. This can be done through Virtual or In Person means.

Do you you still make suits? 

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, our business has taken on a new form and direction, and we now focus only on our custom dress shirts. We aren’t accepting any new suit or blazer customers at this time.


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