• Shipping & Delivery/Timeline

    Good tailoring takes time. That being said, MADE prides itself in one of the fastest turnaround times for custom garments in Canada. MADE custom garments are tailored and ready for fitting in 3-4 weeks, while non-custom items are available on demand, depending on your preferred method of delivery.

  • Payment

    MADE accepts both Visa and MasterCard. Full payment is required at the time of purchase. MADE takes many active steps to ensure the absolute safety of your credit card and personal information, processing all debit and credit transactions via fully secured and reputable third party payment processor. Card information is not stored at MADE and remains the private property of the cardholder at all times.

  • Refunds

    MADE does not offer refunds. However, with our fit guarantee, we provide assurance that we will take care of any reasonable adjustment required to make your garment fit. This does not apply to garments that have been altered or adjusted in any way by anyone other than MADE.

  • Adjustments

    All MADE products are tailored to your exact measurements; however, they may occasionally require final adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. In this case, the need for final adjustments will be assessed during your 1st fitting, and your MADE Style Consultant will personally handle the adjustment process and will return the garment to you within 5 business days.

  • How long do I have to notify my Style Consultant about fit issues?

    If you feel a garment requires adjustments, please notify your Style Consultant within 5 business days of the garment being delivered.

  • How many fittings am I eligible for?

    MADE’s certified Style Consultants work diligently to ensure fit is achieved through measurement and 1st fitting. Any further requests for adjustments and fittings may be subject to an Additional Fitting charge.

  • MADE is not responsible for fluctuations in client physique subsequent to the delivery of the suit, however, in the event of such fluctuations, we encourage clients to get in touch with the MADE Concierge who can refer clients to one of our preferred tailors.

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