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By becoming a MADE client, you have our commitment to deliver the  best possible MADE experience, fit, and quality. By submitting an order and making a purchase at MADE (remotely  or in person) you agree to our terms and conditions listed below.


Terms of Sale

All purchases are FINAL SALE. Please note that we do not offer refund as fabric is cut based on your measurements and your customizations. However with our Fit Guarantee we provide assurance that we will take care of any reasonable adjustment required to make your garment fit as intended and confirmed during your initial consultation. This does not apply to garments that have been altered or adjusted in any way by anyone other than MADE.

All custom orders require full payment to start production. MADE accepts Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. MADE takes many active steps to ensure the absolute safety of your credit card and personal information, processing all credit card transactions via fully secured and reputable third party payment processor. Card information is not stored at MADE and remain the private property of the cardholder at all times.



Great tailoring takes time. That being said MADE prides itself in one of the fastest turnaround times for custom garments in Toronto. MADE  aims to have custom garments tailored and ready for your first fitting in 4-5 weeks, while non-custom items are available on demand, depending on  inventory and your preferred method of delivery. If multiple custom garments are ordered MADE may wait for the full order to arrive before starting any fittings.


Rush Orders

While some timelines are tougher than others, MADE has never missed a client event or wedding. While we cannot guarantee timelines, we care about making sure you look good and avoid doing orders which we aren’t confident  think we can deliver on.

All timelines must be brought to MADE’s attention prior to payment. Once an order has started, timeline changes are rarely possible and can result in additional charges. Having a rush order also requires your commitment to be  available and flexible for your fittings. If you miss, cancel, or cannot make a fitting within the timeline discussed with MADE, we are not responsible for delays to your timeline.


Fit Guarantee

At MADE we offer a fit guarantee to ensure that you are satisfied with the fit of your garment(s). This covers issues with the garment fit that go against the intended fit of the garment, as agreed upon in your first consultation. This does not include change in client preferences or size after the initial confirmed order.

The MADE Fit Guarantee lasts for fifteen (15) days, starting from the day you take home each of your custom garment(s) or have them delivered to you, OR thirty (30) days from the date you were contacted to book your first fitting. This is to prevent any unreasonable delays of fitting the garment, which can adversely impact the fit we intended when measuring. Garments which have a fitting beyond thirty (30) days of the contact date may be limited in term of alterations possible to improve fit and resolve issues which are beyond MADE’s control.

MADE cannot guarantee any fit issue(s) that arise due to fluctuations in client physique once measurements are confirmed. If your garment does not fit as intended and confirmed, we will do our best to fix the issue, as this is our commitment to you. Once you take home your items if you have any issue contact your stylist right away to ensure that we can find the best solution.


Quality Guarantee

At MADE, we take pride in our craft and we are committed to the quality of our garments and our client’s use and satisfaction with them. If some part of the garment fails due to workmanship, we want to be the first to know and will take care of this for you immediately. Simply contact your stylist, through getmade@madeclothing.ca or 1-888-427-9352.


Standard Use

MADE’s Fit and Quality Guarantee only covers standard wear such as work or special events. Any activities that are not meant to be done in a suit that result in an issue will not be MADE’s responsibility. For more information on best usage and care, click here


Take Home

By taking home garments you have purchased, you are implicitly agreeing to the fit of the garments at that time, and the activation of your fit guarantee period if it has not already started.



All MADE products are tailored to your exact measurements; however they may occasionally require final adjustments to achieve the perfect fit. In this case, the need for final adjustments will be assessed during your First Fitting, and your MADE stylist and fit specialist will aim to have the garment ready within 5-7 business days.


Fabric Availability
MADE cannot guarantee availability of fabrics and therefore any valid issues are best brought to our attention as soon as possible, by contacting getmade@madeclothing.ca or 1-888-427-9352.

Since MADE cannot guarantee that fabrics used in your order will always be in stock, in the event of an issue that requires more fabric, whether covered by MADE or yourself, an alternative fabric may need to be chosen from our collection.

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