We understand that a great fitting tailored suit is an investment. Like any investment you need to respect, understand, and learn how to properly take care of it. Here are some basic rules and guidelines for proper suit care to help give your garments an extended lifetime.

Standard Wear and Use

MADE recommends wearing your suit no more than once a week. This will increase the longevity of the suit and fabric. Ideally, if you wear a suit 5 days per week, you have a rotation of 6 suits or more, so that you are giving one of your garments a rest every 5 day rotation.


Pant’s have a tough job in your wardrobe.  They are typically the garment that wears out from a suit, and they are worn all day compared to your jacket being worn on occasion. If you are needing to wear your suit more than once a week, we recommend getting an additional pair of pants to prolong the life of your suit since your pants will wear quicker than your jacket. Ask your stylist about our discounts offered on a second pant.


Make sure to take your suit jacket off while driving or sitting at your desk. If you don’t you will begin to see creases on the arms and back of your jacket. This will take years off your suit. Any issues that arise due to not standard wear such as work or events will not be covered by MADE.


Over dry cleaning will wear away the natural fibres and take some years off of your suit. There are certain suit enthusiasts that will limit their dry cleaning to once or twice and year and some client will have them dry cleaned every couple months. Use your own discretion and only take a trip to the dry cleaners if there are stains or odour has built up. Otherwise, you can spot clean with water and soft towel in between dry cleaning trips.

As for dress shirt you we would recommend also limiting the amount of trips to the dry cleaner. MADE shirts can be washed at home in the washing machine and hung to dry. You you will need to iron them once they are dry.


Avoid using a dry iron as it can burn the fibres and add a sheen to the garment. Using a steamer is one of the best ways to free the suit of wrinkles as well as deodorizing it. If you must use an iron, use a cloth as a barrier to protect the fabric. You can also get your suits professional presses, but like above limit the amount you do this since dry cleaners will add starch and this will also wear away at the natural fibres and take years off your suit.


To help your suit maintain its form, use wood or plastic hangers with thicker and rounded edges. We will provide you hangers with all purchases that you make. We also have extra hangers for purchase at our studio. The thicker hangers will help fill out the shoulder of the suit and allows it to sit and drape properly. Always keep in mind to hand a suit in a well spaced area. Your suit needs to hand and breather after a long day’s work.

Brushing and Rolling

Wool is a natural fibre that holds dust and dirt and if left untouched, can cause damage to the fabric over time. Using a suit brush after each wear and a lint brush when needed can significantly extend your suits life. Hang your jacket and brush downwards starting at the shoulders and work your way down. Never brush your jacket perpendicular to the fibres.

Travelling With Your Suit

There are suitcases available specifically tailored to suiting however, a good way to pack your suit is to turn it inside out, put the shoulders together and roll it up. Be sure that the seams and lapels are lined up as you fold and then do an easy loose roll from the bottom up. This is a great way to pack your suit if you are mostly carrying with a carry-on.

If you are travelling and don’t have access to a steamer a great tip is to hang your suit in the bathroom and turn up the hot water in the shower. The steam will help you get your suit relatively wrinkle free and relaxed.

Here are some pictures to help you fold your suit while travelling,


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